mail back Synecdoche

I consider that Friday and

now remember

it was the machines tearing

at her flesh

that woke me

my bones ached

my back the shape of a train seat

 and I

could no longer ignore

the sounds

I walked through your

nearly abandoned sanctuary

past the chair sittin’ chairs

the blinds were open

I gazed through your mind’s glass

the branches across the street were moving

I assumed that was the only crime scene

xylem and phloem dripping off their hands

and down the rigging

I was unsettled

began picking blackberries

I’m so sorry I left our nest that morning…

You were right to feel it all that way

to speak those words in red…

I decided I would feel less scalded if I

went to look at her

I needed the soft company of another woman

confusion began to strangle me

Was I not at the right window?

I ran to the bedroom desperately

clung to the ledge

that’s when I looked down and saw her

four leaves remained

fingers covered with blood

I gasped and cried out

For You

For Her

thought of the leaf in the back of the book

the love poems that were penned

homage to her limbs and grace

how I loved the way you looked at her

I began to rue the day

feared guilt by association

fuck that be strong now

what do I do?

no stopping

inevitable crashes

I realize I am grateful to be the messenger

possessing legs to stand beside you

arms to cradle you with warmth

eyes to look at you with hope

a willing heart to love you through all of it

a grateful voice to say

You are my cause

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