Sylvia’s Platters

Sylvia Plath’s Book of Recipes

For the love of God

Chapter One:


Recipe 1

“Ted’s Favorite Sugar Cookies”

Step 1

Turn on stove and seal all doors and windows with wet towels…

Chapter Two:

Soups and Stews

Recipe 1

“The Fucking Beef Barley Stew His Mother Made Better Than I Do”

Step 1

Simmer on low heat until whatever the hell it is smells like loss…

Chapter Three:

Salads and Dips

Recipe 1

“Seven Layers of Resignation Taco Dip”

Step 1

Start by crying while dicing a large red onion into such tiny bits you no longer feel anything…

Chapter Four:


Daddy Issues Pot Stickers

Step 1

Wrap uncooked meat in a pasty wheat square 

Step 2

boil until you’re convinced you are still his little dumpling…

Chapter Five:


Recipe 1

“The Icing on the God Damned Cake”

Step 1

Whip everything you are into a gut wrenching frenzy and leave the bowl beside the cooling rack.

Step 2

Never ice the cake…

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