the quill and the plume

unopened eyes
heard the curtains stir
paper swish sound
a note
slipped under
my chamber door
in all these days
you have never ascended
through the mitral archway to the atrium
from your room
flights below
you have the only key

there is no need to visit
proximity being the point
i am intrigued
with the urgent
inked vellum
still warm
wax seal emblazoned

i wish to read the words
a year in coming
inside the tidy ventricle
you penned them

the never traveled
soaped skin
haunts the air
i flow osmotic
to your empty

my ear pressed
to the septum
i pass through
unlocked valves

you are off showing the world

you were expecting me

fire still lit

a place set for me
upon the writing desk
fresh bread coffee
milk and honey
i warm myself
break the seal
and read
your humble request
my pleasure
a simple task
for this kitchen witch

from my cabinet
high john the conqueror root
scrumped pomegranate
grains of paradise
all for boil
upon the hearth
magic concocted
for a touchstone

warm embers
stirred to blaze
good thoughts sent
into the air
from this place
we live apart

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