open love letter to my mother


rainy morning

that was dark in various ways

i was run off the road  on aicholtz

first year driving

age 16

by a speeding over the double yellow truck

me and my two best friends on the way to trouble

but for a good cause

a flash of light

slam into a trench

i know the police dispatcher

didn’t tell you if i was okay or not

just to hurry to the scene

i was almost your uncle jerry

i bent the frame of my car

bruised nothing but my ego

had all my teeth

you flew from your car

over the crowd

screaming my name and

running with outstretched arms

and hugged me in a way i havent felt

before or since

you would have lost more than me

this i realized

and what i felt worst about

the whole thing suddenly

was scaring you

but i never forgot that moment

and how you loved me

love me

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