common ground

while sitting under emily’s tree
the twin suns and i
upon the moss
speak of greater goods
things appreciated
to be savored
we talk about art
the zeitgeist of the
early comic book
what falling in love is like
the way regret tastes
pets who’ve been peeved
fathers and gene pools
what makes us laugh
gabriel is writing the great american novel
he tells me when he comes home
the best part of his day was writing another chapter in study hall chandler illustrates the world
in his sacred notebook
his samurai are inspired charcoal warriors
he is the great grandson of theodore
my fathers father the artist killed for love while plowing the wrong field i read to them selected pieces of
my poetry to exist
as a family storyteller
but they point out what they learned was more about who their mother is a shakespearean troop
came to the school today
full of scottish play
poisoned sonnets
and kingdoms exchanged for horses
they both tell the tale
run through the lines
then it got to the question
and answer period
the auditorium full of
pubescent phalanx
was to say if they liked it or not
then why
it was unintelligible to many
mocked and snickered at by several
however there were those who sat
in awe
hearts a few moments closer
to being full grown
minds and eyes seeing anew
gabriel said it was intense and chandler said it was beautiful as their hands were picked
by the actors
they shared with the proscenium
indian style assemblage
it made them proud
to be the sons
of a poet
i am wordless

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Alicia, I saw that you’ve visited my blog. You write excellent poetry from a unique perspective. You may enjoy visiting some of the poetry communities on my blogroll and sharing your work. Victoria

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