propitious gods

it is the calends of march
and this month i
shall forget to
beware the ides
my time too sacrosanct for petty politics
i will myself to form erythrocytes
within deep marrow
to remember to inhale
impending spring
and exhale
hellish winters
daffodils are tingling
the surface
of this waking earth
bears ready themselves
for honey paws
my magnolia
is having notions of green
oh how the poor dear
cherry tree misses her lover
sole consolation being
the birds are arriving
their directions through the window
auger well for my return
from the far away spice routes
with crocodile suitcases
covered with stickers from exotic nests
i draw maps from memory now
sure of who is worth suffering for
spiders will not stop in to call
the broom will cease to signal
company coming
i wonder how long
feeling sixteen could
possibly last
i hope as long
i have
my dimples

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