It’s all right , blues man, cuz I’m as free as a bird now…

and this bird you cannot change
Lynrd Skynrd
had no idea
what music was
or what being
Tuesday and gone
With the wind meant
But we were born
a thousand
years before AIDS was a gay disease
And what dead twin brothers meant
left behind to endure
Long before it forever changed
Just know I remember
Who showed my identical boys
The center of the world
Before pettiness and stalkers
and self induced
Kneuth farm hypnotism
and naked wood you were afraid to reveal
Who introduced them
To Bubbles and light
Projected upon a wall
In rhapsody
The blues
Who drove across the
George Washington bridge
full of forever
You ass
why couldn’t you
stop crying
still subscribed
Alicia addict
Fuck you
For ever
I’ve bled a manifesto
For you to
To not quite
love us enough
Go…plumb a hole
A hit song
Based upon
King Crimson
Three of a Perfect Pair
Who cares
To clean
Your Unending
Delaware water gap
That was carved by glaciers
You dared consider
For me.
Go to
Poor Henry’s
And love
The one you’re with
I forgive your human-ness
Beautiful boy
Now forget me

One reply on “It’s all right , blues man, cuz I’m as free as a bird now…”

You’re amazing. I’m proud of you and I admire you so much. I hope this gets through. It’s just time. Everyone needs to heal, and be healthy and move on. This is gracious eloquence.

Lovin’ you, sister girl.

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