a thank you note to othello from your zombie desdemona

the depths
of our
mutual ocean of tears
for remembering
the true measure
of a king
is his benevolence
for remembering
the taste of vanilla bourbon
for still knowing
what my hair feels like
sprawled across your
we always knew we were too
for this long distance
thing of ours
and too shakespearean
in our souls to survive it
we’re both too attractive
for our own greater good
but i am not
your heroine heroin
your lady macbeth
or ginger juliet
i have a feeling
the bard in his global theatre
never knew a love
quite as deep as this
yes i am wet
every time you cry
i have listened to your
unheard screams
felt you thumping your head
against the wall
because i am pounding the
other side
irrevocable yes we are
connected by centuries
i have woken up next to you
from alexandria to pompei
given you countless children
walked down every past life’s aisle
your ill-starred wench
is forever scarred
you must understand
it is a fight every day
not to return
to garden states
i never wronged you
in my heart
never cheated
didn’t lie
nor would i ever deny my love
what i did
was care so much
to stop inflicting myself
upon you
your soul mate accusations
i could no longer endure
we were more than
marc antony and cleopatra
we were reeking
of Dick and Liz
yes i miss you
but shall never long
for our warring words
i see your watchfire eyes
over our diatribe encampment
my king
my buzzing bumble bee bug
i love you so much

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