perhaps aruba

i need a vacation

to a place that has not ever

cleaned up medical waste

perhaps aruba

i am familiar with the potentates

and constabulary on that lone island

i don’t want to sea

a fucking lighthouse

just the warmth of the son

i am full of love

guiding light

in ways you can’t imagine

maybe you can

i focus on twin stars writing their hearts

onto eighth grade parchment paper

this season we’ll not make it to the goal

of quarterly smithsonian visits

spring got lost in a cloud of napalm and pain

summer is almost here and

my chariot becomes a flower filled hearse once again

i drive past millenia that never fade

my trunk full of german engineering

an obama stickered dixiecrat

i am crying joyous tears, forgiveness, and life budding anew

at four weeks the heart has begun to beat

i pretend to drink bourbon

for the wanton masses

but i

like dean martin

another rat packer

i’m only pretending to be drunk to keep up

the slurry illusion

you and i

both know it’s apple juice

fresh squeezed

you put it back into my eden

forbidden fruit after the first time came

cherry trees grow new limbs

so do i

so do you

perhaps aruba

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