i stop
to consider
the plus column
life’s gifts given
grace bestowed and exhibited
loved received
lessons learned
intuition inherited
immunity earned
via ancient dna

lately life
is all column A
universal humility
gratitude for my existence
glasses more than half full
my cup runneth over
i raise a glass for each passed away

when feet are held to fire
and your soul fails to burn
you cease to fear the
the flint and friction filled
happiness arsonists
it’s your sense of what is good
and what feels right
that burn so brightly
impervious to incendiary bombs
and tooth decay

i am lucky
i survive
i am alicia
for that
i am grateful
for knowing
for being
for breath
for the smallest things
for twin boys with blue eyes
for being secure
the bearer of joy

no fools to suffer
no mandatory litany lists
or force fed hurt
i am a stronger me
i am unswayed

thank you

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