but the door knocker

every corner

cleaned house

mind swept

diurnal me

knows nothing of you

save remembering how randomly

you kill love

how you take your sword

extra bloody with two cherries

but someone needs to tell my subconscious

to stop agreeing with yours at night

when i have no control of love

indifference or hate

nocturnal me is in love

she still misses

still kisses

still listens to the antichrist in the kitchen

honestly haunted dreams

until the next incarnation

this is the price of foolish love

of betraying instincts

somnambulatory indentured servitude

synapses refusing to unsync

for all time

thank the gods for dawn

for breaking encampments

for moveable feasts

and the act of waking up

to reality

and going out tonight

to hear live music

minstrel living not dying

foot tapping to the beat of

a singular heart

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my pleasure..

lovely word flow.

invite you to join Jingle poetry potluck today, free and fun…

first time participant is welcome to share 1 to 3 old poems, or poems unrelated to our theme,
hope to see you in.


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