a note to the king of pompei

this pompeian queen

perceived too late

the insidious tremble

a harbinger

within her vessel of wine

this pompeian queen

gazed with amber eyes

as daylight shattered

to the ground

and jupiter’s screams raced

across the smoldering sky

this pompeian queen

watched as juno fell

cast from the mounted nirvana

the divine impact rupturing

sacred membranes

of the earth

this pompeian queen

felt blood erupt

from her womb

cursing the horrid

celestial lovers

she fell to her knees

this pompeian queen

cried out

the name of her king

before being buried

in merciless fire

this pompeian queen

exists in robes woven

from ash

her memory held together

by string theory

this pompeian queen

died reaching for her king

love to be unearthed

in the coming


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