everyone eats after the funeral


i am



do you linger

outside my tomb

slipping notes through

the crumbling gaps in the mortar

our wailing wall

reading my eulogy over and over

looking for holes in the story

to endeavor to forget

is the surest way to dwell

within the mausoleum

you always hated buffets

i see you packed a picnic lunch

so did i

a reuben with barbecue sauce

oh goodie

this place has a lovely clearing

near the scattering garden

where you spread the cremains of your life or lunch

upon outstretched  blankets

bring a bottle of sacramental wine

we’ll make a day of it

3 replies on “everyone eats after the funeral”

Ha. As one who tends to hang around cemeteries, I am especially happy those days are fewer & farther, and I’m finding I much prefer the beaches and parks these days. There’s a lot of freedom in letting the dead just be dead. Ghosts and angels and demons… they’re all the same, and all imaginary. Dead is dead.

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