the part of me that loves chocolate

i am so tired
of considering
that i should no longer
consider you
tired of writing
and watching as
my every poem
becomes you

as the rest of me moves away
scratches the have-to’s off lists made
there is the ancient
part of me
the part of me that loves chocolate
who has instincts
woven into her
dark hair
she had long ago decided
you were her soul mate
and she once claimed
she would fight for you
so defying gravity
she will not sit down
she will not remove her armor
she listens not to the choir loft
she will not stop seeing you
in everything
she sets the ground on fire
in circles
as she chants


i do not know
how to not miss you
how to not love
how to not prefer

every moment

i can’t decide to stop loving chocolate

anyone who says they can
is lying

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