primary imprints

i stood outside
this morning
still before dawn
new elysian lawn
night gowned
considering becoming wet
from the grass
along the row of pine trees
so tall you cannot see the top
i, a supine splendor in the bluegrass
covered in stars

the world’s sounds
are so beautifully variant
in this place
the wind comes over the mountains
like a clean wash
crickets sound like chopin
lightning bugs the size of gum drops
twinkle their lights fantastic
before my
more amber eyes
i smile at the notion that
southern gentlemen invented
how to properly wear a hat
and sugar, they know just when
to tip it

i hear the horses conversing in the distance
along the bourbon trail
the earth beneath my feet welcomes me
i feel a quickening
as the thought
occurs to me

it was in this very spot…

i took my first steps
when i was a brand new alicia

it was then
this woman

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