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the angel of the annunciation

last night

i listened to

handel’s messiah

as i waited to sleep

a sudden awakening


the third movement

the messiah’s role in life after death

a visitor

gabriel came and sat

upon the edge of my bed

my son, not the angel


i am beginning to suspect

they are the same being

as i have seen them in a room together

at the same time

he had written a piece of prose full of questioning



on the nature of unknown souls


penned with his left hand

(the same side of god’s throne

his namesake sits upon)

i read the page of  wonder

beyond old testament wisdom

concerning the origin and motivation

of all things

it was then he spoke

he had decided

the soul is an energy which is our essence

when we die the essence does not go to

heaven or hell

but simply rejoins the collective

this is where we come from

this is where we return to

it is why our souls recognize each other

this is why we long to love each other

within the act of loving others

we are loving ourselves

he said these things to me

as the bass cried out

behold, i tell you a mystery


hosanna in the highest

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You did a really good job on this one Alicia. Tell me more about the part,”as i have seen them in a room together.”

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