early morning


kitchen table musing

i sit sewing lace

crone within maiden

gathering light

filtering through stained glass

and hummingbird nectar

my eyes keen with

observant fascination of

the glass feeder hanging outside the window

grand central station perch in red

arrivals and departures

in all directions of western hemispheric legend

hallowed totem creatures

70 flaps per second


science fair migration patterns

i stir my coffee counterclockwise in time

the steam rises to the libretto

puccini’s piano keys float without

consideration of gravity about the house

through the curtain breeze

tosca to begin tuesday

my tiny birds wing dancing to the aria



eyelashes batting

in a spirit of grand cooperation

they are lovers caught between worlds

who make the honeybees whisper gossip

sacred beings of the americas

it is believed when the gods assembled all birds

the remaining feathers from the construction

were used to create a male and female hummingbird

the wondrous beauty of the pair so pleased the deities

they were given an elaborate wedding

butterflies flapped into a chapel frame

forming a monarch cathedral

a rose petal path

spiders spun webs of gossamer bridal bunting

ringing lily-of-the-valley wedding bells

a nest prepared

for bride and groom

when the wetness returns to flowers

floria singing

Non la sospiri la nostra casetta?

Do you not long for our little house?

my body rises to the window

sweetheart lips speaking your name

to the roses gazing in through opera glasses

sixpence of silver placed into our shoes

i remember



a love story

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Your life is a love story, for you are a loving human. You are reaping the lace you sew.



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