probability and statistics

couldn’t help
but seek out
and gaze
upon the wreckage

figured i should
have a lookie loo while
the magenta pools
were still wet
beneath the train
blood fries on electrified metal

my tendency
to romanticize
the morbid
i tip my hat
and acknowledge
my dysfunction

wish the hell i
knew where i read
the words
i’ll always cherish
my original
misconception of you
oh to have written that

a thousand wasted moments
pool together to
form our ocean

i expected the carnage
angry words
large cats licking bloody paws
fresh from a saturday night

the dance
the propositions
to polish princesses
amidst the rose bushes

but how could i
have prepared
for lust pinatas

so self aware
no wonder we both
behind the door

i fucking know better
and have no excuse

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