bridge and tunnel set

we walked
the king’s garden
to the block house
oldest standing structure
west of the alleghenies
knowing in my bones
we predated
the fortress
discussion of the word merge
and the
uncanny ability
we possess for
finding each other
of course
a city was chosen
where there exists
128 steel constructed ways
to cross over water
under the bridge
yet our plan was to rise above
blue lit mountains
up where the air is clear
monongahela inclinations
and a fear of heights
but it is our proximity
inspiring vertigo
i am grateful for the
provisional seating
in the 141 year old cable car
as it gives me another reason
to cling to you
all defined
the moment
you needed your glasses
to see the history
touched an empty shirt pocket
with your seeking hand
and realized you had forgotten them
only to find
knew you well enough
to anticipate your needs
remember them
a world of meaning in one hand
you smiled in a way only people
who know they are loved do

we exist a work of great art
mass consumption be damned
i am moved by it

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