subject matter

the sidewalk confession
as i have come to refer to it
when a complete stranger
engages you in conversation
with the sole intent
of sharing a piece of
information so oddly personal
the subject matter
a source of discomfort
bad hors d’oeuvres
for the psyche
they think of themselves not
as mental flashers
what manner of man is this
these destroyers
of yard sale banter
the mood on your elevator ride
bathroom stall mate
i commiserate not
these saboteurs
of the bread aisle

One reply on “subject matter”

Thanks for the smile. I love the idea of such as psychic flashing. I hope for myself that I’m more soulful than merely a social misfire. Either way . . . as long as I stay out of jail, you know.
thanks for sharing (that’s a good stock comment to mental flashers, eh?)

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