shout, bard rebellious

i’ve only seen you on this plane
a few times
so when you show
i know
to pay attention

understanding is better here
as there is nothing to consider
but the fiber of the moment

the stage
the lectern
the page

this place where words
are where they should be

failing couplets fall away
to validity and what is real
a like mind that gets it
and why you’re mad as hell

it all makes sense
in the sleeping synaptic ether
when the amps are plugged in

this day is for being heard
at a cafe table in the middle of the city

the tumult of human and mechanical whirl around us
a coffee cup vibrating cacophony
that drowns out our conversation

i write on my napkin
and hold it up before your eyes

“stand, my friend
scream your words onto the page,
bang your drum until the city crumbles,
raise your voice above the noise,

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