when the evening is longest (a seashore spell)

how inviting you are

deceptive bloom

your visage floating water lily

velvety red cockscomb lies

firm and wanting my scent


you have captured my fascination

in a rose colored bell jar

with an ocean view


so fecund and green

bestowing sweet stench

i watch with a knowing smile

as the many hot house admirers line up

their nipples pressed to the glass

in waiting germination boxes

the weaker plants just can’t help


i’ve tended to you too long to still be

of your light and water requirements

it’s the unseen blood meal you truly
have a taste for

you would be happier floating in the
atlantic where things are eaten

thorny seaweed biting suits not my skin


an atheist grown out of convenience

you deny your own root rot

and summon your false gods at will

who will it be this night

may i suggest shiva

who annihilates delusions and false


i shall plant your name on a piece of

in a sinkable pot

with a daffodil bulb to handle the


i will burn camphor

until the moon is new


when the evening is longest

my feet will wander to the water

a seashore spell

held in my capable hands

a seashell

a lock of hair

your silver charm

a sprig of rosemary

a flask of wine

papyrus covered with my intentions


a mirror


and  forever sealing wax


i will breathe in the salty air

considering a life full of love


kneeling in the tide

make a hole in the sand

for my ingredients and the poorly
chosen flower

dropping them one by one

finally setting fire to the lot

save the flask and the mirror


stepping center within the circle

placing the wine to my lips

my being shall ask the oracle moon mistress

to accept them

in return for her favor


i will take the reflecting glass from my

and allow the moonlight to find it

where the next ebb and flow will take the all of it

a glimpse of desire cast into ocean

to be found in another time

by a brave


depth explorer


i will do this


when the evening is longest

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