the night i met jimmie and meagan

warm lush
new summer night
in june
the sunset tattoo itself
onto buildings
wearing gloaming city lights
stars and friends floating
above the rooftops
of brooklyn

we had gathered
to watch the gutterfish swim
to the mountain top

everyone asking where gramps was

sweat dripping
sharing a bottle
on a werdink’s tiled floor

super dave flew off the stage
evil danced for us
miss mary smiling on

jimmie read till he couldn’t
and held me up when i did
as my balance had walked out
the side door
for a cigarette

there was a moment
in the moving picture
3rd grade innocent
when i saw him look at her
in such a way
that my heart knew
he wanted to be
the rest of her life

before we made our
early departure
into the lamp light
when we all exchanged
and found our phones
i stopped to tell her
before we were any further gone
arm in arm

meagan, he falls deeper in love
every time he looks at you

green eyes gave way to tears
as she thanked me goodbye

i’ve seen much beauty
in my hopeful life

2 replies on “the night i met jimmie and meagan”

I love it. I think I’d like it to end at “goodbye” though, without the narrator’s synoptic statement, as the poem shows what that line tells (I’ve been critically mugged and beated for this many times, so I’m quite aware of it out of self-defense).
wonderful poem and story.

To be honest, David, I take a philosophical exception with leaving almost anything at goodbye. It was a selfish line, I admit, but sometimes I must say it aloud to remind myself.
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