for my twin sons, on your sixteenth birthdays

you both came to
a universe within myself
an angel and a storm
who are by far
my most stunning creations

i grew as much with you
as i did for you

please remember as you go into the world men

how proud i am

what a fine pair of individuals you are

loving you two has been my greatest joy
what made me want to be a better human

if ever you wish for stars in the sky,
i will climb to our space’s ceiling and paint it with light

if you find yourselves hungry, my kitchen will always be warm and giving

if you find yourselves sick, my hand will be at your forehead

if you find yourselves needing to be far away, i will be there to receive the post cards

if ever you find yourself lost and alone,
remember you have each other, then remember you will always have a home where i exist

if ever you find
you have lost your faith
simply ask

for you gentlemen
i would rebuild heaven

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What a lovely, heartfelt tribute…so much love there. Is the 11th truly your sons’ birthday?…It’s my birthday too, just wanted to share that. I’ll be back when I have more time, I want to read your story chapter…

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