Have I ever told you about my sister?

youngstown doomed to fall

her corpus callosum quakes

right hemisphere of brain ischemic


left side numbness
slurred speech
magnificent gray and black left eyed swirl

the wrath of romulus enacted upon remus, exposing the iniquity of mother rome

happiness becomes pabulum

parsimoniously served by the golgi apparatus

the anticipation of spring brings the brother bearing questions of the lightness of being

his sister, god the daughter
at the epiphany of another
living closer to the dreaded gate

it is the end of winter
the full statue of maidenhood
she must decide
to live
or to die

an act of love points to the sun hovering


grateful moonstruck blue eyes
eating loving steak
and proclaiming it’s goodness

he reminds her that she is a force of nature
whose mortality has been magnified

to find the meaning within the pain

the value of why given

during a feast for the unliving

you illuminate the sky

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