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the altar of lakshmi

we sit upright two writers


pedestals built of reciprocity

respect understanding shared like pastry

granted sanctuary floating above the altar of lakshmi

flower petals held aloft by golden elephants

blossoming abundance beauty purity grace fame prosperity

she chants her mantra in the sound of our laughter


Om Shrim Hrim Klim Mahalakshmi Nama


i tell you that the sort of man you are

makes me move my hands more gracefully


you sing my name


bed books pomegranates

and lovers laid open

discussing borges

poems read aloud in considerate spanish tongue

for ears wanton of love


a copy of the wasteland hidden within

ee cummings

we choose to be etherised upon this table

you paint my skin with your hands

making love to me on sheets of music


as we must part

we choose for our tears to become shillings

for admittance to the monster tea party

at penyfan pond


we agree to meet there tomorrow night

and then again forever

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