love poem for spring written in a kentucky meadow

i have survived yet another worm moon

a final blood sacrifice before the vernal equinox

singing bowl struck before the match
this ground where war was made must be consecrated
after fire earth becomes pure

the darkness bringer
is banished

this day i am
the world covered in spring

bliss in full bloom

learning the languages of local birds

grapevine blossoms ascend hopeful limbs
wantonly exposing their pink to star filled eyes

my hair floats with the clouds
bluebird berets are perched upon my tendrils

skin dewy warm glistening
my strata shift
a soul tectonic
moved just to be alive

creek veins draw downward
seeking the raw country
deeper into the aquifer
where the portuguese speaking catfish
are fabled gargantuan
and we drink lightning from mason jars

tulips are serving tea for two
the peach tree is baking vanilla cake
butterflies churn milk
lady bugs play croquet
wildflowers color easter eggs
snails light mushroom lanterns around the fishing pond

all the while ants conspire to crash the picnic
but decide they will bring a bottle of wine

the hum of the bees has lulled the green onions under the shade tree to sleep

architect spiders gaze through kaleidoscopes
to better view my upwardly soaring dreams
planning their webbed skyscraper opus
careful to save room in this new city of joy
for my heart to hang a hammock from home

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