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for ira lightman

i have a friend named ira
who lives so far away from me

he is the only other man on earth, save my maternal grandfather, whom i’ve ever known named ira

he initially found a place in my heart for this reason…

he has a lovely wife and two beautiful boys, well tended to

one of his sons bears my father’s name, so i adored him a bit more upon the finding out, making him oddly familiar

he is british, as so much of my genetic material is

he makes me a colonist

however, all of this is of no consequence

he exists within a would five hours ahead of me

he challenges me intellectually, spurs me to create as he asks pertinent questions and draws such lovely pictures

spurns me to write the poems we will never be

he creates brilliance while claiming his soul has nothing to give

he causes me to write poetry

a revolution to my mind

i wrote this poem
for a man a world away

i wrote this poem for a man
who is aptly named

how he wishes for me to punctuate

this is my exclamation

i wrote this poem
for ira lightman

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