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a kentucky suicide

twenty-nine year old

mother of three

stair step children

all under the age of seven

laboring under the weight

of her fifth month of pregnancy

with the fourth baby

came home from work one night

and shot herself twice

once in the head


once in the heart

yet it matters not

the numbers don’t add up

or that her commonly unlawful  boyfriend

was never charged with the crime

because ’round these parts

they call that sort of death

a kentucky suicide

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Funny you should say that. I’ve changed it twice and each time, my followers/readers have gone mad. They say there is something honest and personal about being looked directly in the eye. Sorry you don’t care for it, but I will obey the masses…

Sure. It’s a great photo, I understand the personal thing, and you should keep it. Those of us with wonky eyes just find that white on dark grey is easier to read than white on light grey.

My suggestion was purely to help the masses become even more massy, as you’ve got some really good poems here.

Ah, David. I felt as though any flowery embellishments would be utterly disrespectful. It is a stark, horrid circumstance. I thought the poem should follow suit. As to the picture, thank you for saying so, dear man.
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