god in brooklyn

he came to me
lowering his hood in the candlelight
whispering apologies in french
within the cloister walls

regrets uttered in tortured tones
for not having spoken with his voice sooner

full of the desire to feel something real
disregard the hurdled over masses
scream above the fray
in genuine found voice

accept that anger is a natural state when in hell

challenge each other
redefine the art
folding blood and knowledge into paint and ink

i will write poems on bridges leading to your canvas high rise

bend our bodies to the sound of exploding supernovas

sculpt our dysfunctions to the glory of the flawed human

learn to savor reality

fuck while reading aloud from an antique copy of purgatorio

we will find suddenly

we are alive

4 replies on “god in brooklyn”

For a moment, i felt the sky open, the earth shattered, everything came disassembled, destroyed, unbelievable, unreal, a dream within, a dream within a dream within a dream, the earth shattered and scattered, there is no way to put back the rubix, the color is all the same on all sides, spent thinking for 15 seconds cause it was all i had, shattering, as the glass of life pounds my face and cuts it, the wounds deep, who has been worth it in this lone journey, anyone? are you there, here holding me, loving me…… worst times now seems like that chance encounter, a moment, totally disregarded, brilliant, broken emotionally fulfilling, distrot kaotic, a basic disruption that makes this life, well lived life, live it taste it consume it and it may lead you to promise in a land of the dark…….

All with a simple little poem…with the sweetest well wish carried within the lines.

Thank you for understanding that I was trying to tear open the universe…

Warmest regards and affection…

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