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before we say goodnight

this evening

i sit



in a corner booth

at the blue wisp


my favorite little

subterranean jazz spot



near the subway entrance


beneath a plume of staccato cigar smoke

perpetually swirling into your shape

i am dying discreetly


pulling and pushing your onyx ring

up and down my finger


looking for you

under every dark elegant hat


the trickle down my martini glass

is the sweat of your brow

hastened by the rumble

of the blue train overhead


candlelight casting

the shadow of your smile

across the white linen desert


stage lights

the stars between us


johnny hartman and john coltrane


my one and only love


every note of it

is for us


i close my eyes in remembrance of yours

trying to find the way garnets give way to topaz when you laugh

allowing you to be my only dream


there is your face before me

in the moment we last touched


i could no longer tell if we were fighting or making love

slapping clawing and biting for a deeper taste of each other

leaving bruises the color of forever


tears adorn my cheeks as i reopen my eyes

to the lack of our tomorrow


oh but darling

we were perfect weren’t we

i’ve never been so close


just know


i am lost

wherever i am without you


i love you baby


just hold my hand for one more moment

before the memory fades


before we say goodnight

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