love fortune cookies

he watched smiling
pouring drinks
soothing me
as i rushed teary eyed
around the hotel room

attempting to pack
the enormity of this new found life
into a reasonably sized carry on bag
in time to catch my flight

all my sparkly things
heels laptop paperwork boarding passes
the shampoo he loves to use
remnants of our time together

as i did the LAX calculus about departures arrivals and rental car returns

he began to scribble little notes on the hotel stationery

they were suggestions
for poetry to watch
while i’m flying

things that will move me
and help me forget
that i’m moving through space
away from him

he crumpled the last
four notes into the bottom
of my purse
making me promise not to read those
until i was on the plane

he offered to walk me out
i said no

he didn’t know i was afraid that i wouldn’t be able to drive away

he insisted and walked me out anyway
i loved him more for it

complying with his request
i saved the notes until the fasten seatbelt light had been turned off

they were filled with laughter
our inside jokes
dirty cartoons
and well wishes

how i devoured them
love fortune cookies

i didn’t open the fourth one

couldn’t stand the thought of not having something from his hand to look forward to

i held off until tonight
needing to feel him near

unfolded one more moment

i read it
and knew immediately
the stars had meant for me
to save it

until this empty sky

suddenly full of twinkling light

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