the steamy bathroom mirror

how hard i have tried
to turn off the faucet
that perpetually drips

my every piece becomes
a salvador dali portrait
of your face

i sit on the crystalline sink ledge
dipping my pointed toes
into your filling warmth

clocks have become irrelevant
knowing that
only two times are true
i am either with
or without you

each crystal door knob
leads to a bed we have shared
full of mad coupling

i require no resplendent sunrise
or wax dripping moon
waking eyes are all that is required
to summon your willing spirit

my suitcase remains packed
with clothes that refuse to let go
of the scent of our skin
mingled together

the shot glass
on the writing desk
is lonely
but such a joyous mourner
it is

did you know
planes were invented
so that i may fly to you

i am growing roots in your light
such a happy slave to love am i

lost upon the lush foggy river
of your body
anchored by your kiss

bells toll your sonorous voice
as the wind topples the miles

sea gods string pearls from my tears
to cast you a line

i remember your silhouette

standing behind me
striking a bonfire signal
unable to turn away
from the wake of my far off sailing ship

your cloudless eyes
travelling with me through the sky

a lifetime of star gazed wishes
the moment
your hands pushed open my window

and you came
climbing through
following my lamp light

real is real you say

as i pull the plug from the drain

scrawling graffiti reflections
the steamy bathroom mirror

you make me wordless

you make me

you make









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