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wednesday afternoon english muffin saga before yoga

she returns

to the victorian kitchen with omnipresent windows

glowing white

to place the nearly consumed and

nearly iced pellegrino and lime

upon the mismatched beautiful table


he follows her

past the foyer of bicycles

through johnny cash’s voice

down the hall of

paleolithic plants, parisienne cat paintings,

and portraits of glorious youth


the gracious host in him offers her a muffin


she smiles but declines

choosing instead to wax romantic about

the nooks and crannies


he tells her he loves

the way she says nooks and crannies


they devour each other using only the eyes


she observes the refrigerator gallery display

pictures hotlines art business cards

declaring there is much to be learned

from a person’s fridge magnets


remembering the day

he noticed the little pink bows on her bra straps

sticking out of her blouse adorning her shoulders

in the front window of the bistro

making them the loveliest dining mannequin couple

on ludlow street


leaning against the sink to read the poetry he writes

on the backsplash tiles

as he offers her another muffin


this one glistening with fats


butter and cream cheese


she tells him grinning wickedly

that’s too many things from an animal

on one muffin


while looking up

admiring the mobile of bones stones acorns

sticks and feathers


from the kitchen chandelier


she tells him of her fondness of squirrel berets


he adjusts them slyly on the string and tells her straight-faced

it’s actually a barometer


she turns on her heel and walks out of the kitchen


and they laugh

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