commentary on the downward spiral that led us from marilyn monroe to snooki

upon stumbling into a cavernous dripping vagina poem masked as female empowerment poetry

i recalled

shakespeare said
there is nothing new under the sun
and he was right

though he lifted that notion from a bible verse

just as there is nothing new
under your skirt
or behind your fly
no hidden profundity
in exposing cum stained sheets

as much as i love a rock hard cock
or a vagina
gloriously dampened
by stimulated bartholin’s glands

writing about your oozing
menstruation in forensic detail

your dripping lady parts

or horse faced orgasm

has been done and overdone

i don’t need them in a poem

we’re human you know
we have our own

it’s boring after a life of fucking in real time

raunchy for raunchy’s sake i suppose

even julia child ate junk food on occasion

it plays as tacky to this loud mouthed southern excuse for a lady

i’d rather find a better way to be unforgettable

what the hell do i know

i’m sure

rome looked beautiful

as it burned

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Nothing, but nothing is better than quality. And poetry should bite. This one reached cult status with me n the first few lines: the ‘mask’ -oh yes, so often, only I did not know how to say it. The last two lines are bloody brilliant.You are just so right, so right, throughout the whole poem.

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