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painted on the side of a passing subway train

it has been this way
for so long now
but please know
i did not wish for it

the subterranean dynamic willed itself into being

when you laugh
or curse
i feel it in my northbound tunnels
but hear it
like you’re three rooms away

the station walls
filled with a writer’s thoughts
the cars lined with unopened windows
tagged and
covered over

on this unified plane
where we share a laundry hamper
full of linens that have never been soiled

one day i want to walk out of a darkened theatre haze with you
after a black and white propaganda film
during a war

grasping hands for balance
lips swollen from kissing

retreating from the intrusive daylight
violent noises
and cell phone godzillas
storming downtown sidewalks
wearing too may layers of clothing

if not in this life
catch a train with me
to the next one

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