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tiny buffalo

the bed they shared
was propped into position
by a stabilizing lock box
and books

sunday morning
would find them
wrapped together
choosing to remain
within the verdant lush
of his egyptian sheets

the linens were so luxurious
she wondered if they had fallen
off the back of a truck
but that was one of the things
she loved most about him

his high thread count in all things

his resourcefulness

his ability to survive
then have the audacity
to grow more beautiful
for having done so

clouds rolling across the ceiling

he would begin to playfully pester her
softly pinching her cheeks
touching the tip of her nose
which he claimed was his
atop a mountain range of pillows

tickle her lips
harumph into her ear
and cajole her into
saying moo
for him

he knew she would eventually comply
because it was
for him

his hand became various animals
roaming her fields
but her favorite
were the pitter-pattering fingers

moving from the crown
of her head
through smiling apple orchard cheeks
across curving plains of her

she would blush and giggle endlessly
as he would proclaim

it was the running of

the tiny buffalo

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