hurt me, darling

every pleasure in your life becomes a sin

to a god with different intentions


and i was damned the day i met you


having traded perfect numbness for an infinite ache


how i miss the well swept empty warehouse space


i did not choose these chains

this altar to dirty religion


this cathedral erected to high gothic romance

filled with burning prayers and tricky matches


save me from this hell

the neverending fall from grace


please do something to make me hate you

hurt me, darling

sink this witch to the bottom of the lake


turn me to salt



stop looking into my statue’s eyes as if i am sacred


leave no more offerings at my feet


kill your devotion


bury your saint


these things i beg of you


so the nuns may finally stop whispering

about bloody sheets


ending these anguished days of unlifted robes


love forced to wear a mask

to pass through suspicious gates







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