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today is someone’s birthday

the day is may 11th
of a nameless century

there are still no flying cars

a date which sounds important
as it falls on the porch

as if it was once to be remembered
for the sake
of a now forgotten heart

august 3rd
december 12th
october 2cd
january 14th

perhaps we were married that day
or filed papers not to be

a baby was lost

two children born

soft shoulders knocking over
the statues of kings with motives

spitting in the face of blessed concord

my days have been so long
the veil of time has torn

i have fallen in love so many nights
that i am sure

today is someone’s birthday

i don’t remember your name
but i hope you live
in a place where it’s warm

with four shots of bourbon left
and a cigarette
in the pack on the dash
of your earth bound ford

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