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when she saw through the window

the woman leapt from the cab
calling out thank yous for the pleasant ride
as she tossed the driver her fare

her presence was running late for dinner
fresh from the combat theatre
where it was her job
to sew fresh clean
unbroken wings
onto fallen angels

feet barely touching mercy street
as she flew down the sidewalk
in her trademark heels

but she stopped
two steps
from the freshly painted black door
when she saw through the window
who was waiting at her table

a fuming demon covered in need
she had dined with before
ready to be served a damned fine explanation

“There is nothing sexy about obligation…”
she whispered to the nun going by

there would be no mandatory meals that night

she kept walking
until she saw
the green of subway lamps
then caught the train home
to order chinese
from heavenly wok

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