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of course you do, baby…

he writes to me
to remind me
that he still loves me

as if my heart could forget
the runaway desire in his darkened eyes
when my hand ceased to touch him
and what it means
once a man looks at you that way

the world is never the same

i tell him
of course you do, baby
and my love will forever endure

we have found the secret
to undying romance

our love has never been exposed
to the damaging effects of the sun
clothing remaining unwrinkled
from weary suitcases
days together not gaining the wait
of everyday drudgery
we consume all the sugar we want
oblivious to the reality of checkbooks

existing outside the dusty hourglass
of a home furnished with obligation

we fuck
and fuck again

sharing our sacred ether hotel room
overlooking the maddened city

fireplace perpetually ablaze
with lesser love poems

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