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hateful little thing

daddy is staring down
from pretend heaven

wondering how
he managed to father
such a
hateful little thing

but you didn’t do any fathering, motherfucker

you binge drank
until you died of the
weight of living unhappily

with no thought

of the baby girl left behind in the burning car

let’s look there for answers

5 replies on “hateful little thing”

Until you can forgive him, you are letting him control you. Ask god to help you forgive all who have wronged you and discover the freedom that is waiting for you.

I think it sweet, but funny, the way some people write me little comments and notes after they read my poetry. Soothing words urging an atheist to look to god for answers so that my “hurt and anger does not control me.” While I think I appreciate the gesture, these same folks are missing the point and revealing how little they know about me. My poetry is the way I sort and assimilate everything. Life becomes art. It’s a survival instinct…and asking me to look to god is like telling someone to seek comfort in Papa Smurf, another fictional, bearded parent figure. Hey, jack, I don’t wake up angry. I squeeze my oranges the same way you do. I’m a happy girl…because I say what I think and feel.

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