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pay to play

*For Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, and the lesser known dicks of the Tri-State area.

mimi the latina transvestite hooker
will emerge a dream
from the backpages of queens
in thigh highs and seams
to meet you
neat and discreet
five burrow fabulous
but won’t drive
into the shitholes of new jersey
passed whippany

hiding adam’s apple
and real name from your
willing suspension of disbelief
dangling alongside her
fools gold hoop earrings

you may pay to play
just as long as her phone number
remains buried in contact list z’s
as deep as her cock
up your holland tunnel

she’ll never tell your wife
about your secret little life
on your knees between garden trees
sucking her off
as you hum a few lines of lola

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