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Do you know what you want?

his stool sits next to me at the bar
one hemisphere to the left

he tips his panama up with the rim
of a green belgian beer bottle

leaning in until his shoulder finds mine

this is an unfair question
cuz i get mad when people ask me…
i don’t know after all these years…
but do you KNOW what you want?

she leans back all cleopatra
with an asp in her purse
and says

i want to read everything
i want to write everything
i want to fuck everyone worth fucking
i don’t care about fame
i want to die a grandmother
from a lethal bong hit
i want to be mummified and placed in the Smithsonian
so that i may keep saying something to people

that’s beautiful
what’s it gonna take?

a steely resolve to keep moving

4 replies on “Do you know what you want?”

In five lines you build a vivid, detailed scene (if not a world) using only gestures, then with three later lines you epitomise latent femininity before declaring ‘who’ not ‘what’ you are. Outstanding work. Take a bow and exit hemisphere-left.

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