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one hell of a bloody mess

miles davis
beat his wife

with the same hands
he brilliantly fingered
other women
and his trumpets with

because he was just a man

hemingway’s liver committed suicide
long before the self-prescribed bullet
found his head

and i am a poet
who says
screw the word poetess
it sounds too much like
pretentious pussy princess

the digits holding my pen
have sinned
well and often

and will soon be at it again

because birthing art
you make one hell of a bloody mess

4 replies on “one hell of a bloody mess”

Oh, no apology necessary. Use it freely, it’s just not a term I self-apply. It should be used jokingly, that you have precisely right. Your comments and thought are forever welcome.

That’s exactly what I was thinking when Ye Pirate apologized. This happens ALOT with me. Why is that when you express your opinion for yourself, others take that to mean you expect that of everyone else too?

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