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punk believer

when i 16
i was too busy playing house

graduating early from high school
so i could get a head start
on destroying my life
marrying imitation fathers
in search of heavenly normalcy

backed a moving truck up
to the childhood house
saying to mama and the deacons
it’s too late to start parenting now

what a goddamn idiot i was
but one does what one must to survive

twenty years later here i stand
my shit as together as it will ever be

teacher mortician mother madame poet

exposer of the world’s bullshit and glory
to my knowledge hungry sons

i stopped looking for god when i realized
it exists in the light of what makes us happy

so tonight i will venture out
after the house has gone to sleep
a flask buried deep within my heart
to find religion in music

a guitarist weeping
a drummer bleeding
a front man giving communion

and me
the punk believer
heels traded in for
strapped on
burgundy docs

to be baptized in sweat and bruises

no, i’m not an easy read

the only thing i’m proud of
are my fucking scars

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