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the scientist

my train stopped
at the charleston station

it’s a long stop
which means the nicotine fiends
had time to step off
for a smoke

on hopped a beautiful lesbian
who hadn’t shaved her legs
since gerald ford’s administration

she took the seat beside me as we began to roll

then revealed her life
and a doctorate in theology

when i reciprocated

she explained there was a name
for what i am

a conceptual atheist

someone who believes, if there is a god,
we cannot possibly understand it
by virtue of being it’s creation

such hubris

it is the same scenario as a microorganism
staring back up through
the microscope
and claiming to know the thoughts and will of
the scientist observing it

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I’m a recovering childhood Baptist. “I had to give up religion when I reached the age of reason.” – George Carlin
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