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eat the sober

trust fund baby with a living room outreach
a crashed sports car
and an optional adjunct teaching job

your shit just piled up high enough
to choke the heavens

alcoholics anonymous is a cult
you’re all addicts indeed
itching for a meeting
instead of mad dog

any corner any hour
you may shove that 12 step bible
where the sun don’t shine

i’m sorry i’m from kentucky

i have a t-shirt which reads

eat the sober

no i have no room in my life

to house a mental ward on my couch

oh god you hippy dippy types
dead heads will believe anything

“They are not schizophrenics, they’re people living with schizophrenia…”

i’ll remember that when i wax unromantic
about you in the future

“He wasn’t an asshole, he was a man living with an asshole’s thoughts…”

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