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made of glass

mornings and death
are the great equalizers

we’re all drawn the same when we’re dead
or first thing in our early morning

my shower stall is
made of glass
it’s where i lift the fog
seeing clearly

hanging within my stainless shower caddy
are shampoos and conditioners
made with the tears of kittens
and local honey

a bottle of wild turkey and/or
a travel mug
of illegally smuggled cuban street coffee
beside rain forest friendly shaving creams
lost love salves and angry razors
knotted hair detangler
french bottled bath balms
and derrida mind deconstructor

hot water
the holy father

they would have you think the virgin mary
merely a sponge

an exfoliating soap bar
made from dead sea mud
which leads me to hope
i’m soaping my bits and pieces
with bits n’ pieces of jesus

i write poems on my skin
and wash them off

into the river seeking drain

knowing all my words
these fleeting thoughts
and this body

are graced with the glorious state
of existing


like seas


just before the edge
of stars

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You have a great ability to bring the individual and universal together. I really enjoyed reading this one. I read it a few times and was drawn to many of the images and ideas.

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