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an utter disregard for coupon clipping

no, fella
you needn’t explain

i get it
i’m not an easy read

i’m loud and lusty
southern as fuck


i write like a bawdy drunk
even when i’m sober

i curse and pluck
lick and suck
your dirty dick politics
the eviscerated underbelly
of the human condition

when i put my mind to it
i can make you cringe so hard
your grandmama will feel it

oh please
try to cure me of my poetry
as you edit me
you stupid shit

three lines of my writing
and you’re telling me to be less me

cuz it scares you
it fucking scares you

that i say as i please
with no regard for my reader
or who will publish me

the word cunt
lesbian overtones
an electra complex
ever looking for daddy
implied drug use
love affairs
and an utter disregard for coupon clipping

yeah, you got my beat down
i’m a god damned monster
it’s all true
because you need it to be

did you know
idi amin loved to play the accordion
at parties

and some people should be made to cringe
well and often

if you’re looking for a hallmark card
i suggest
you visit a drug store
and donate the rest of your two cents
to a republican

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Fuck yes. I mean fuck yes. Too much good stuff in here to comment on.

I have to try a poem in your style, but I don’t do poetry. Shit. You make it sound like a good way of expressing yourself.

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